House objects

Hello everyone!! Today’s lesson it’s about house objects and name of each part of the house. Kitchen armário (cupboard) cadeira (chair) cafeteira (coffee maker machine) colher (spoon) copo (glass) cozinha (kitchen) faca (knife) filtro água (Water filter) fogão (Stove) forma bolo (cake pan) forno (oven) fruteira (fruit bowl) garfo (fork) gás( kitchen gas) geladeira (refrigerator) lata lixo (garbage can, trashcan, Bin) louça (dish, dishware) mesa (table) microondas (microwave) panela (pot, pan) pia de cozinha (kitchen sink) prato (plate) tampa da panela (lid) xícara (Tea cup) Caneca (Mug) QUARTO cama (bed) cobertor (blanket)… Ler mais

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