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Hello everyone!

About me


My name is Andrea and I’m an online fully qualified English teacher living in the United Kingdom. I have been teaching high-quality online English lessons using Skype since 2008. My online English lessons have helped learners from all over the world to become better language users.

Studying English online is a great way to improve your language skills. It’s convenient because you can study from home via computer. But it’s more than that. Studying with me means you focus exactly on your learning needs with an experienced language teacher who can help you to improve all your English skills.

I work as an online English teacher because I’m passionate about working with people from all over the world to help them achieve their dreams. I also love working with technology to develop innovative new teaching approaches. I don’t see my job as work but as pure enjoyment!


8 comentários em “Founder of My Online Language

    • Oi Aulas agora sera somente lecionadas para alunos(as) que vivem na Inglaterra e outras partes da Europa.
      Essa decisao foi precisa devido ao fuso horario entre Brasil e Inglaterra.
      Desde ja peco desculpas.


  1. Hello Andrea!
    I found your website simply amazing!
    I’m also a teacher of English and I believe that learning from home is much better! I studied Spanish this way, and it was a great experience.
    Teacher Nay


    • Hello Teacher Nay
      Thank you for the comment!
      I’m always trying to find a new way to improve my website… but I’m glad you like it.
      Owner Andrea Andre Barrett


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