English Lessons online via Skype

English lessons via Skype

Do you need to learn English but does not have enough time to spare or does nor have a flexible schedule?

Don’t worry, because we have a new way to learn English without leaving the comfort of your house.

Our English lessons are in real-time.

We can teach you English using our web conference’s system.

All you need is a computer. headphone (good but not necessary) and a good internet connection.

You can have your private one to one lessons or in a group of 3 or more.

There are many benefits learning through us.

  • Flexibility to attend your classes even if you are running late.
  • Learn more and develop your English skills by having teacher’s attention just for you.
  • Contract FREE!
  • Pay as you go this is perfect for English conversation classes, if you choose to do once a week or every two weeks.
  • Lessons delivered according to your needs.
  • Free English resources.
  • Certificate of completion at the end of each course. (3 months minimum or 120 hours of study)

and so much more…

2 comentários em “English Lessons online via Skype

  1. Oi Carlos a melhor forma para entrar em contato eh me adicionando no Skype: andrea_veronabr
    Estou sempre online lecionando e atendendo as pessoas interessadas em aulas particulares de Ingles via Skype.
    Teacher E CEO


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