Texto e audio em Ingles historia 1

Nessa historia voce ira aprender alguns vocabulario em Ingles relacionado a assassinato. Compartilhe o meu blog com seus amigos e familiares. A Teacher esta tambem no Facebook : www.facebook.com/aulasparticularesdeingles/


Historia 1


Joe seemed like a normal guy. Nothing got to him, no matter how stressful the situation was. He was a widower with 2 kids; Sarah, 12 and Paul, 14. He was an accountant at a company not too far from his home, and was rarely late. When he was, his colleagues already knew that it was probably because of his daughter Sarah. Her health was very fragile and she got sick quite often. She was born with a heart condition and needed a lot of medical care.

I watched him every day as he stopped for coffee at the cafe I worked at. He was a quiet man, but when he spoke, it was in a very polite and friendly manner. I liked him. I never thought he would be capable of doing the things that he did. His neighbors didn’t think much of him. He wasn’t noisy, or bothersome in any way for that matter. His kids were either in school or playing in one of their friend’s house. They were shy, but smart and active. They are living with their aunt in California now, where they can lead a normal life in spite of the monster they have as a father.

It’s just so sad, you know? The cops told us that Joe has killed approximately 10 women in the Arizona area. He would use his pickup truck to offer them a ride, then rape and kill them. All the bodies were found at the lake by the freeway. I can’t believe he thought he would get away with it! I have no idea whether he killed his wife or not. He was a widower when he moved here about 5 years ago. He is locked up now, thank Goodness. Last I heard of him, he was appealing his death sentence. It is a relief that after 3 years of fear, we can finally go back to being the peaceful small town we have always been.

Listen to the audio (escutar o audio)

Word Vocabulary

Incomodar ou deixar alguém nervoso – to get to someone

viúvo – widower

contador – accountant

Com bastante frequência – quite often

problema no coração – heart condition

cuidados médicos – medical care

ter a capacidade de fazer – to be capable of doing

levar uma vida normal – to lead a normal life

policiais – cops

violentar e matar – to rape and kill

não ser pego e/ou punido por algo – to get away with it

preso – locked up

recorrer (de uma sentença judicial) – to appeal

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