General English learning online through Skype.


Often students have a specific aim in mind when learning English, maybe to study, travel or improve their job prospects. Whatever your aim is My Online Language can help you achieve it!


  • Courses designed for your specific English needs
  • All teaching materials provided free of charge!
  • One to one tuition with native English speakers

Speaking & Listening, plus Conversational Skills

This places maximum emphasis on listening and speaking skills using everyday English in a wide range of situations. The course will allow you to overcome some of the many difficulties people face when speaking to a native speaker.

If you have found yourself in the situation where you are nervous to speak on the phone in English or perhaps have to attend meetings where English is the primary language then this course would certainly give you greater confidence and fluency.

Grammar in everyday use

Revise your grammar within the context or everyday English. This course would suit someone who would like to improve their grammar and general accuracy while not losing sight of the key goal of language, communication in real life situations. Courses focused in grammar every day can be delivered to you by attending our virtual classes live online.

Vocabulary in use

Practice a wide range of vocabulary in different situations. Unlike many online courses, we do not restrict you to our own course materials. Instead, we encourage students to learn with our teachers in a wide variety of situations. This could involve live discussion of a topic, reading the daily newspaper or visiting websites that provide both a fun and memorable way to understand vocabulary in use.

Top up courses

Sometime students want a course which tops up and compliments English lessons they are already taking. If this is your case then we are more than happy to help you. Just tell us the course book you are using or send us information about the course and we will design complimentary lessons that will strengthen your learning and allow you to progress at a much faster rate. We are located in Cambridge and it should not be a challenge to find the course book being used by you.

Everyday practical English

This course will increase your confidence in all areas. It will take a general overview of the key areas, speaking, listening, reading and writing and develop your use while being tutored by a specially trained native speaker. A key component of learning everyday English is to practice in a variety of life like context.

One to one tuition for students

Often students preparing for exams can benefit considerably from extra tuition speaking one to one with an experienced English Teacher. Conversational skill is an area often neglected by some schools with the actual application of a language not being realised. A course with My Online Language can help you to reach your potential and demonstrate real improvement in communication skills.

General English for children and teens

Extra tuition can go a long way especially for children learning English for exams. An extra 1 hour per week 1 to 1 tuition in general English can have a huge impact on the development of children’s language skills giving them a real advantage when it comes to final exams. The materials used during the lesson taught are fun and very interactive. Children and teens engaged better through fun lessons!


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