English Business Phrasal Verbs

Business Phrasal Verbs: Based on a Corpus of Spoken and Written American English

All the phrasal verbs in this book are very frequent in English. Meaning. We give several common meanings for each phrasal verb. These meanings are often extensions from the core meaning and they may be abstract. You should study the sentences carefully to see how each phrasal verb is used.
Collocations. Each meaning of a phrasal verb is usually associated with a set of particular words (collocates) within the sentence. For example,  complaints is a frequent collocate of deal with, as in the sentence we had to deal with a lot of complaints. When you work through the units in Business Phrasal Verbs, you will not only learn common phrasal verbs, you will also learn longer phrases such as deal with complaints.Idioms. Phrasal verbs are often used in idioms, such as the expression  look at the big picture. We have included the more frequent idioms in this book Each unit concentrates on one phrasal verb (e.g., go out). The phrasal verb is introduced in a table format that (a) highlights the grammar of the phrasal verb, (b) defines its most common
meanings, and (c) provides examples of how the phrasal verb is used in business English. The information in the table is brief, easy-to-follow, and can be consulted at any time for quick reference.Each table is followed by a series of exercises intended to check your understanding of the meaning and uses of the phrasal verb presented in the unit. The exercises generally progress from controlled practice to more open-ended exercises. A wide variety of question types are used; including, fill-in-the-blanks, multiple choice, sentence matching, and re-writing, as well as pattern identification, error correction, and discussion. Following every four units, you will find a short set of comprehensive review exercises to consolidate your learning of the phrasal verbs in the previous four chapters. There are also six CorpusLAB units which provide more corpus data and provide opportunities for developing a deeper understanding of the material through a technique called data-driven learning in which you will analyze and classify phrasal verb usage.
You will also find a key to all of the exercises at the end of the book, which you can use to check your answers. The index contains a list of a list of the phrasal verbs and collocations used in the book.
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