Entrevista em Ingles que irá admiti-lo imediatamente.

Job Interviews That Get You Hired thoroughly covers all the information you need to have a successful interview experience. LearningExpress career experts lead you through the critical steps to take before you even set up the interview. Learn how to gather your resources, contact and expand your network, and create and submit the ultimate resume/cover letter package. Get started on the right career path with this book:
– How your network can advance your job search
– The latest strategies for researching companies before the interview
– The 10 success factors most employers look for
– How to translate success factors into personal success stories
– Top 25 interview mistakes: a before-you-go checklist
– How to handle group, panel, case, and recruiter interviews
– The 10 tough questions interviews love to ask
– The smartest questions you can ask
– How to negotiate the best deal and accept or reject a job offer

TABLE of CONTENTS – Conteúdo incluso no livro

Chapter 1 Getting Started
Chapter 2 First Impressions
Chapter 3 Do Your Homework
Chapter 4 Get Ready
Chapter 5 Informational Interviews and Traditional Job Interviews
Chapter 6 How to Handle Other Types of Interviews
Chapter 7 Troubleshooting Difficult Interview Situations
Chapter 8 Negotiating the Job Offer
Chapter 9 Putting It All Together
Chapter 10 Appendixes
A. Books on Interviewing, Resumes, and Job Hunting
B. Online Information Resources
C. Sample Resumes
D. Sample Letters
E. Sample Package 1
F. Sample Package 2
G. Sample Case Interviews
Index of Exhibits: Sample Resumes, Cover Letters, and Interview Tips


Compre agora esse livro que irá ajudar a você conquistar o seu tão grande sonhado emprego.Muito bom mesmo e muito vendido.

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